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Japanese Mech Design Kit

"Mechs" or "Mechas" are now a pillar of modern Japanese culture and Japanese animation.
It basically translates to "giant robots piloted by a human being", usually for planetary defense purposes.
While their success originated in the 70s, they are still popular nowadays: animators are always designing new elements to make their characters stand out.

With this set you can become a Mech designer too!
This fully posable model is built on an articulated frame made of ball joints and bracket parts.
This means you can swap the surface elements and make a custom creation without worrying about disassembling your entire model!
- Fully posable model
- Extra parts with assorted color schemes
- A booklet including inspirational material for your creations

I believe this product would stand out both as a toy and a display model (it would display great next to an Architecture Skyline!)

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