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1969 Chevrolet Camaro


Massive redesign

I have been working on my Camaro 2.0 design. My original design was too blocky, so I redesigned it a lot.

Here is my newer design:The headlights look a little dark here but are not that dark in person, i replaced the silver with light gray, it is easier to render.

I redesigned the taillights and added stickers for a better look

The side profile is the same, just a bit smoother. i could not figure out how to add the vents to the side.

The interior is now properly colored.The engine is pretty much the same

There is actual trunk space in the car a quick cut off interior look

And a cool look at the car

I hope everyone likes my new design


Design update

I have been focused so much on my 1967 camaro i completely forgot about my 1969 camaro idea, i updated the design using my new 1967 car structure, my new 1969 Camaro has many of the same design aspects, the only main differences being grill, headlights, and taillights.

Here is a quick look at the new front view of the car:

The design is slightly different from my 1967 camaro, but most of the design is essentially the same. Check out my 1967 Camaro and you will see what i mean. I was more focused on the 1967 camaro because this year is its 50th anniversary (originally released 1966), i will continue to work on this idea as well

(Image created using Bluerender)

I hope you like my idea, please support, share, and don't forget to check out my other ideas, my 1967 Camaro, and Animated Series Batmobile


Version 2.0

I spent a pretty good amount of time thinking of how to improve my idea, here's what i came up with.

I added side mirrors and made the top more sleek. 

Here is a look at the opening center console 




!969 Camaro color ideas

As i mentioned in my earlier idea this Camaro can be made in multiple exterior colors.

The interior can also be made in different colors, this is the gray option


And here's the engine close up

the engine can be built in several ways


And here is the RS/SS headlights

This idea has so much flexibility, and can be customized to your personalized preferences. Imagine all the fun that you can have with this idea. 

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