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Minecraft Macro-Scale House and Farm

Minecraft is comprised of nodes or blocks. Lego is made of block-shaped bricks. They are perfect together with neither party being extremely offended. I looked for images of certain Minecraft characters and thought that the Player, a creeper, and two chickens would be enough to represent Minecraft. Then using images from the internet, I created all the characters and a small house with a farm using a 4 by 4 as my block size instead of 1 by 1. The micro-scale looks great, but we can do way better with Macro-Scale.

This is the farm with two chickens. Surrounding them is a fence with a fence gate made of wood.

This is Steve's house which is just stone, sandstone, a door, and some wooden planks. I researched on Minecraft's website and found plans for a house like this, so these aren't just my designs.

This is Steve with an ax. I feel I have represented him fairly accurately, except for the face. If I get more support he will have a face.

This is the representation of the creeper I would like to have in the set. Again, he will have a face If I am supported more. Maybe we could even come up with a new brick that would pop open, symbolizing the creeper's destructive power.

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