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Classic Chessboard

Hello everyone! Who is here now shares with me the great passion for Lego. From 6 to 38 years old they have always been part of my life, as a child as a favorite game, as a boy (more or less) I started having fun creating MOC, as a "big" boy (“adult” I think is an excessive definition) in addition to continuing the work of "builder" I became a "collector" (yes, my house is full of Lego, but fortunately my wife loves me). Some time ago I discovered that my nephew, who is also a great fan of Lego (genetics is never wrong) is also a good chess player, and so I put myself, and I created a Lego chessboard which I then gave him buying the pieces on BrickandPieces. From that project, a little simpler than this one (you had to deal with the colors actually available), I moved on to this one.
The project is that of a “classic chessboard", taking its cue from the wooden pieces that almost everyone has seen and touched at least once in their life, respecting the proportions between the pieces and trying to create some simple and hopefully pleasant details.
The chessboard is made up of 856 pieces, all “standard”, apart from the alphanumeric border that can be made with stickers or printed pieces.
I hope you like it, and I very much hope for your support. Thanks so much!

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