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LEGO Gingerbread House

Most children dream of a land filled with candy, but they never seem to think of the sweet, and sour, characters that inhabit this land.

In this build, there is a girl who has found herself trapped in a world full of candy with a huge liquorice monster and a 'kind' old lady. The lady in the gingerbread house is so kind and caring, so the bars on the windows and the skull in the attic must just be a coincidence, right. Right?

There is a path leading up to the house, with liquorice of all sorts flanking it and a candy cane lantern to guide weary travellers. The liquorice monster is a kind creature, and the word 'monster' offends him. He likes to give people candy and steer them away from the lady in the gingerbread house for their own safety.

This sweet-filled land is full of colourful characters and unhealthy snacks. If you like the build, I would greatly appreciate it if you supported me on my way to 10,000 supporters to make this build real set.

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