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The India Gate

The India Gate is an unmissable architecture icon of India's capital city New Delhi. Located at the heart of the city along the ceremonial boulevard Rajpath, this monument is on the bucket list of everyone who visits the national capital. The main structure of the arched gate was built after the first world war and later in 1972, a central structure with a capped inverted rifle, surrounded with four eternal frames was added as a tribute to the unnamed. 

Indian architecture has influences from many different cultures, and recreating them with LEGO is a unique experience. I was motivated - after building LEGO sets representing architecture from around the world - to create the India Gate to bring more Indian architecture to mainstream.

I believe this set will bring yet another architecture marvel to the LEGO world, and complement very nicely the current Taj Mahal set in the Indian architecture series. I am sure it will appeal to audiences both within India and across the world. 

UPDATE: Added decal for "INDIA" at the top of the building, and added a few closeup renderings. 

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