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Oia Village Santorini


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Instead of capturing the photo or buying a souvenir as keepsake, why not build your own!!!  This set is unlike the other Lego architecture landmark. This is designed for Lego mini figure size.

Inspiration: I went to Greece for my honeymoon 6 years ago. That was the best trip so far in my life. I still remember every little things and bought lots of souvenirs. I always wonder when will Lego introduce some architecture sets for Greece; Athens temples etc. Since my friend introduce this Lego software to me, I spent two nights building my own dream set. Thank you for supporting me. May my dream comes true. I hope for those been to Greece, may enjoy this set. 

This set comes with two iconic architectures at Santorini: 

1) The cave houses dug into the volcanic rock on the caldera cliffs

2) The blue domed church

There are also few little unique things that I put in purpose

~ kitten

~ grey stairs



~boat to volanco

~warm water (bubbles effect)

~aloe vera plants

~bell of the church

wish there is a donkey I can put too.

PS. The yellow mini figure is placed for size reference only.

It consists 724 bricks based on 32 x 32 plate.

Thank you for your support.



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