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Polestar 1 K.S. Edition


Update 1.4 - Save the it now!

More refined design underneath and room cleared for a 'Stance Chassis' set up are the main updates for this build now. Biggest change is the fact that instructions are now purchasable from rebrickbale for this build and all the other ones seen here on my page! Head over to the link to check them out!


Update 1.3 - Render Reality

A lot has happened with this build, but some more good news and more updates have occurred! The build has been fully LDD built and now is available with instructions to purchase from my rebrickable page (link is below). The model has undergone some refinement between moving from real bricks to digital ones.

- New front canard design

- Enlarged front mouth and lengthened splitter

- Lowered ride height with stance levels of camber (yes you read that right)

- Space inside engine bay to allow for light bricks (2x3 with rear push button)

- Nitrous Tank placement moved to rear seats

Expect more on this build to follow now that updates and builds are flying out the door for me. And thank you all for the support on this build and the others so far! Feel free to follow the socials with:





Many Thanks

    David Mennie


Update 1.2 - Nip and Tuck

After reaching out to a few of the prominent build supporters and asking what else should be added to the build, another secondary update began on the Polestar.

This update includes fully adjustable front suspension (rear is still very much a WIP) that allows the front to mimic the motion and tuck of the air suspension system that is used in the game.

The wheels are also a new addition. My good friend Mitchell Mooney was kind enough to allow me to borrow his 3D printer and 3D some Lego replicas of the Rotiform WGR-M wheels on which the Polestar rides in the game. Other updates include:

  • Engine Bay has been revised (new fittings and replacing of incorrect colourings)
  • Bonnet hinge has been improved (Does still require stop-stick)
  • Light bricks have now been fully implemented into the body of the car.
  • Underbody has been ‘shaved’ to remove unnecessary studs and bricks

Finally, to the so far 700 supporters of this build thank you greatly for the kind comments and love over this build. This will certainly not be the last need for speed car I build and post on this page!


Many Thanks

     Davanchi M.



Update 1.1

Model has been updated further with refined features on both interior and extrior. Light bricks have been installed to enhance vehicle presence and also showcase the 'night' aesthetics of the vehicle during police chasde events in the game. 

Also pleased to annouce that the build has been featured on the polestar page and has recieved multiple shares and likes acrouss the globe. Thank you for all of the support so far with this build!!!!!

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