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Land01 Saber Tiger

At the end of the world, while most people hide in the underground shelters, some other ride to travel on earth. Land01 and its owner spend most of their time traveling between shelters delivering packages for a living.

LAND01 SABER TIGER is a mechanical tiger with external buildings carried on the back. The technic bricks are used to create the surface muscle texture for the TIGER and used for internal support. The buildings on the back of the TIGER uses regular bricks to maintain level of details and textures.

The flooring is placed in desert with 10 modularized blocks, and they can be swaped around.
  • Four blocks with different shape and size dunes.
  • One block with fire pit and BBQ.
  • One block with corrupted bones and scorpion. 
  • The other four blocks with relatively flat sand surface and vegetation.

Some Physical Data provided: flooring length and width 64.7 cm x 40.7 cm, TIGER length from head to tail ~50 cm, approximate height of the model ~40 cm.

After building SEA01 ANGLERFISH, I thought I should try something with more flexibility. What about an animal on land with flexible joints? I also wanted to build the “human living” portion of the project externally (in previous project, anglerfish, I built the living portion internally).

I then referenced to the beast of burden and some common animal in life. At the end, I picked some features from dinosaurs and cats to build this mechanical animal. I tried to mimic the muscle and skeletal structure with technic bricks, which was quite fun!

Extra information:
The Mecha Tiger carried 2 main buildings on the back. The building above the shoulder and back contains 2 floors: main floor contains an indoor fire pit powered by engine heat and an entrance to the storage room (not actually built); the second floor contains an office with table and chair for the owner to receive radio signal and reply. The second building main floor contains the toilet and shower, and the second floor contains the bedroom. The ladder are built on the surface of the buildings, so that the owner can move freely. The ladders on tail allow movements from the back of mecha tiger to the earth surface.

2 tripod robots are carried with the owner. One is placed on one of the buildings (wonder if you can find it), the other one is placed with the owner next to the fire pit for accompany.

The first 6 images provide the view of the product from the top, 4 sides, and at night time. From image 7 - 11, I decided to show some detail of LAND01, and the internal design for the buildings (I'm quite bad at this and might try to work on some smaller project to improve). Then, from image 12 - 13, they are the features and scenes I placed on the ground (provide comparison of size between LAND01 and regular organism). The last 2 images are used to show the flexibility of LAND01, also how can the building be removed from it and disassembled.

I might work on some smaller project after this one or SKY01, we will see.

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