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Sherlock's Flat


Sherlock BBC is one of our favorite shows. This is a great set for Sherlock fans. This set features : 

  • Seven minifigures. Sherlock, John Watson, Mycroft, Mrs.Hudson, Moriarty, the owner of Speedys, and a street painter. 
  • Speedy's resaurant
  • The stairs that lead up to Sherlock's flat
  • Sherlock's Living Room
  • Sherlock's Kitchen/Lab

        It is complete with a lot of detail, true to the show. For example:
           1. A skull in Sherlock's fridge
           2. A smily face on the wall
           3. A knife in the  letters on the mantle
           4.Sherlock and John's easychairs
           5. Sherlock's door, with 221B on it, and more
           The set's roof and second floor both come off for easy play, even the kitchen opens up!
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