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Prehistoric Snake


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Hello Fellow Members,

This snake is my first LEGO Ideas animal project.  The snake depicted in this set is coming from its hole.  It has four fangs and can rear up or down to some degree.  Prehistoric animals are awesome, and LEGO has yet to come out with a Prehistoric Snake, so, if you would like to make this a reality, please vote!

This set is a very good edition to anyone's LEGO collection, partly because of the snake itself, which is able to be detached from its hole, and partly because the pieces are good.  This set can be for play, a shelf decoration, or can be used to make your own amazing MOC!

To spread the word please share on: Facebook, Twitter, and other LEGO or Prehistoric related sites.  Thank you!  I must say I was inspired by senteosan's - Bricksauria | Stegosauras 


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