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Sherlock: 221b Baker Street


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Based off the hit series Sherlock, 221b is Sherlock Holmes humble abode

The idea to make his apartment was from the Big Bang apartment set, I made the living room as a test to see how people would respond, and depending on that i will either make the full apartment or not. I tried to make it as detailed and accurate as i possible could with Lego pieces on the LDD software. I believe that it is a very accurate representation and that i could make it with a less piece count. It is currently made up of 982 pieces, at least 150 of that could be brought down with lessening the amount of pieces that make up the floor. Only true fans will get why the face on the wall with complentary bullet holes is included

I would like to make this model larger, of course i would like to make the kitchen as well, but that will be at a later time.

I could not create the Minifigures because there were no pieces to make them accurately, however there would be:

Sherlock Holmes

John Watson 

Mrs. Hudson

I feel that this would and could be a AWESOME set with your support, especially for the massive fan base this show has. 


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