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Gee Bee R-1

The Gee Bee R-1 is a race plane build by the compagny Granville Brothers Aircraft of Springfield during the 30's

This plane appear for the first time in the thompson Trophy Race in 1932 and win this race thanks to the pilot Jimmy Du Little with an average speed of 407 km/h
This speed has to wait during 4 years to be beaten by Michel Detroyat with his Caudron C460 with a speed of 425 km/h

This plane has a recognazible design : a body in a water drop shape, 2 round wings and a very powerful motor.
this motor was a Wasp Engine from P & W with 9 cydinders and product 800 ch. It was so powerful that it threatens to drive the plane out of control.

I'm a fan of aviation and I love this plane that's why I decide to reproduce it with bricks

this set is made with 535 parts. It measures 36cm wide, 25cm long and 12cm height

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