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Rusted Anchor


Welcome to the house of an old pirate whose tale has been told. There is no sea he hadn't conquered, no treasure he couldn't win. Once the anchor was dropped, there was always another victory of his. After the anchor got rusted, being alone among all the fortunes, that's when he realized no man is an island. 

The hallway of the building is decorated with collectibles of the old pirate. On the right side is where swords and guns he used during his journeys are located. If you look inside, you will see two arched doorway, one to a bedroom and the other one to his showcase room where the old pirate placed unique and invaluable collectibles. 

The second floor is area where the old pirate plans his journeys. Maps are unfold and still pinned on the wall while papers and letters are left unread one the table after his retirement. 

I designed the second floor to be removable so all the details would not be missed 

thank you for u support

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