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Care Bears Care-A-Lot Castle

Welcome to Care-A-Lot Castle, a place filled with rainbows, sunshine and kindness!

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Based upon 80s Care Bear artwork, this castle in the clouds features six towers, a rooftop patio, and plenty of fluffy clouds and color. Relax in Bedtime Bear's comfy bed. Enjoy the sunshine on the castle's rooftop. Gaze at the stars with Wish Bear's Star-A-Scope. Meet with your friends in the main floor to discuss feelings and making the world a better place full of caring.

By adding some fun printed details and recoloring existing LEGO elements from previously created bear minifigures, along with an upside-down ducktail, the Care Bears come to life!.. well at least as LEGO figures. Minifigures include five of the ten original Care Bears: Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Wish Bear and Grumpy Bear.

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