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G1-M4-C Dunelizard Starfighter (style 2)

After some thought, I've decided to see how my Dunelizard figher (style 2) from the MMO Star Wars Galaxies would do if given the opportunity to rise in fame. It was built in December (hence the red nose) 2011, right after the shutdown of SWG.

It was my third SWG ship I built and second using the LDD program back when you could make a purchace straight from it to Lego as a custom set. Which I had ended up doing. All in all, it was 200-something bucks. Though to me it was well worth it.

Flickr link on all pictures!

As you can see, the wings are all self supporting. Not to hold and swoosh with, but you can pick the ship up from its wing and it will support the rest of the ship. The only issue with the whole design is that I have ended up using wires to hold the back together to keep it from flapping. You can see the black wire at the aft of the Dunelizard. Thought something like that can be easily replaced with a Lego rubberband ect.

You can also see all the studs on the sides. I know alot try to get rid of them. I plan to as well. The only thing is I don't have any extra Legos, so when I have to room to spare I'll be buying pieces to destud most of it all and to make it more sleeker. Then to replace all pictures.

A good shot of the engine. Note another nasty wire cheating the system of gravity that LDD does not help with. When I get more parts, I might try for another design to secure the majority of the engine. For now, it is only held on by up where it attaches to the intake up front and the middle where it attaches to the underside of the main fuselage.

You can also see what looks to be a tiny intake on the underside of the engine itself. The whole ship rests upon that to take off the majority of the wight from the wings so they won't bend weird.

Here you can see that tiny bottom engine intake doing what it does best. And it is in the best location for that. The wings are just ever so slightly hovering over the laptop I had balanced it upon. So the ship is actually not resting on the wings, but on the intake itself. It it were farther back, then the ship's weight would also go to the bottom of the main intake up front.

Hope you liked the ship!

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