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Off-Road Racer


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The Off-Road Racer is a highly-capable vehicle, fitted with fully independent front suspension, and a solid coil-spring rear axle.  The Off-Road Racer is at home climbing sand dunes, crawling over boulders, speeding through the desert, or splashing in the mud.

I built the Off-Road Racer because I enjoy creating off-road vehicles out of Legos that are capable in all different types of terrain.  I think that my Racer would be a great Lego set mainly because of the fact that it is simple yet filled with interesting features, such as four-wheel suspension, a steering wheel, a red driver's seat, and round headlights.  

Please vote for my Off-Road Racer, because I think it has a great chance at becoming a Lego set if it reaches 10,000 supporters.

Thank you!

(Coming soon... iconic Jeep vehicle)


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