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Jack the Giant Killer: Pendragon's Castle!

How big is the model?
Through the use of big baseplates and the opened design from the film this set idea is designed at only 2591 parts! This could be easily lowered in further/finale developments of the idea but I have tried to make a full recreation of the set from the film and most of the miniature model.

What is it based on?
This is based around a castle commonly refereed to as Pendragon's castle in Jack the Giant Killer (1962). You may have seen the film on TV as it was repeated many times. But if not this is still a set that anybody can enjoy. The movie is also remembered for it's use of Stop-Motion and being similar to The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958).

Set overview:
The castle is situated on an island.
A portcullis (castle gate) and a bridge are at the front of the castle.
Gargoyles litter the entrance of the bridges battlements.
When jack takes up the flight of stairs to the throne room. Armoured gauntlets keep hold of the candles along the way. Pendragon can summon swords in their hands instead through the scrying crystal beside his throne room. You can see them holding the torches below.
The throne room is usually surrounded by Pendragon's minions and witches. As well as his ornaments and tools. A bewitching mirror is on display on the left in front of a stone table with various objects.
The lack of a roof allows the ruinous castle to be very accessible with it's interior always on display besides the lower levels that depend on which perspective your looking from to the model.
Jack walks down the steps having entered from the staircase of from the left behind the large pillar.
Behind Jack is the balcony above the entrance. Pendragon demonstrates his powers from here in the climax of the film.
Cliffs litter the main side of the castle.

The other side is opened up. Revealing the staircase leading to the throne room as shown earlier as well as a dungeon accessed by the staircase leading down from the round hole in the middle of the throne room as seen in two images earlier.

Pendragon and his servant Garna are seen accessing this area after descending the staircase. So the area is based on a real area in the film rather than just being included to fill in any potential missing sections.

The rest is compromised of scaffolding and walls to limit part use and also add stability.

The Characters

From left to right:
Villains -
  • Pendragon's summoned knight
  • Cheera the Wind Witch
  • Tubo Warlock of the Water (Another Witch, he holds a trident as a weapon)
  • Garna
  • Pendragon (with the red cloak).

Heroes -
  • Princess Elaine
  • Jack
  • The magical: Imp (in a bottle)
  • Peter as a chimpanzee
  • Sigurd as a dog.

The Sea Monster
A seemingly benevolent sea creature that is called by the Imp to fight against a two headed giant. In the film.

Thanks for reading and viewing the project! Considering giving a support if you liked it and/or even a follow for any future projects.

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