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Mobile Lab - All terrain vehicle

I always liked sets Classic Space and it is with them that I began to realize the mocs. The ones I have and that I particularly like, I have also revisited in Mtron style.

Today I present a reinterpretation of set 6927 "All-Terrain Vehicle": the features that characterize it are still present, but the appearance is much more modern, especially thanks to the garish color typical of Mtron and due to parts that, in the Classic Space, were not present. Particular attention was paid to the cockpit which, compared to the classic 6927, is rich in detail and double seat. Note the instrument panel, dual cloche and levers in the middle.

Made with 228 pieces, it was one of my first MOC. I hope you enjoy.

Help me to come back on the shelves, even for a short time, though small, a set Mtron series that in my opinion was not understood and considered as it should.

I'll post other MOCs Mtron hoping to pick up some positive response.

Bye to all and please vote, at least you fans of the classic space that have passed the age of 40 like me.

Thank you. Cris.

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