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Farm in Winter

Hello dear friends.

This is my first project, and it shows a farm by a small stream in the mountains.

The main building has a cozy kitchen, a bedroom and a small attic.
The roofs are already thickly covered with snow and smoke is rising from the chimney.
A couple of children are playing outside in the snow and are looking forward to warming up inside, where the little sister and her grandmother will make something sweet for them.

A shepherd brings the herd to the stable for wintering, where the farmer feeds the animals.
Winter is coming!

I created this MOC because winter is simply the best time oft the year for me. Everything seems somehow more comfortable and the world feels somehow decelerated.

I think this would be a great LEGO Set because it’s unique and a set with a mountain farm does not exist yet.
I think people of all ages would enjoy building and playing with this!

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