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R2-D2 Mid Scale

My Mid Sized R2-D2 – the best-loved droid in the Star Wars galaxy!

Whilst LEGO already produce the UCS R2-D2, the price of the model takes it out of the reach of many Star Wars fans. Many of the other Star Wars models have different scale versions, so why not R2-D2.

My Mid Scale R2-D2 currently uses just over 600 Bricks and so would be considerably cheaper to buy. I estimate the price to be around the £40 to £50 mark.

This is not just a static display model. It is built sturdily and has the following play features to appeal to children and adults alike.

Rotatable Head.
Retractable 3rd leg with detent to hold in either position.
Will stand in either 2 leg or 3 leg mode.

Easy modular, sturdy construction.

R2-D2 standing in 2 Leg mode with 3rd Leg retracted.

R2-D2 in 3 Leg mode.

R2-D2 Rendered in LEGO Digital Designer.

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