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Apple iPod - 20th Anniversary Edition - Life Size Unboxing Set

Say hello to iPod.
1,000 songs in your pocket.

20 years ago, Apple launched its first portable music player in October 2001: the iPod. It would go on to revolutionize the music industry and become the single most recognized icon for digital music.

Now is your chance to enjoy the original iPod that started it all. Go through the complete unboxing experience as if you were unboxing the actual iPod on launch day. Everything fits together just like the original iPod packaging and materials, and all LEGO models mostly match their real-life counterparts in a 1:1 life-size ratio.

This set contains 940 pieces.

Part A: iPod Original Box
  • Outer box sleeve
  • Inner box with folding flaps

Part B: iPod
  • Interchangeable displays ("Don't Steal Music", Off, Start-Up, On, Now Playing)

Part C: Buildable Included Accessories
  • iPod earbud-style headphones
  • Apple FireWire Cable
  • Apple iPod Power Adapter
  • Also includes a CD-ROM sleeve (originally held CD-ROM with iTunes 2 software and electronic documentation, getting started guide, and a 90-day limited warranty.)

Part D: Bonus
  • Steve Jobs minifigure
  • iPod (minifigure accessory)
  • iPod promotion banner

Why did I build this set? The iPod was life-changing when it was released, and I love the design and music experience that it provides. I built this set because I love the iPod and LEGO, and to quote Steve Jobs during the first few minutes of revealing the iPod in October 2001 "It's always good to do something that you love".

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