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Viking Longship


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I am excited to introduce my latest creation, the Viking Longship!

The Vikings used Longships in both trade or battle. The version I have built here has special storage compartments for the for the oars. They are located on the inside of the ships low walls (see the 4 picture).  The ship has two dragon heads on the back and front of the ship, and has two small lanterns on the back. The oars attach to either side of the ship.

The ship is built to a smaller scale size, thus it cannot fit a lot of regularly sized minifigs. However, I have built 6 micro-Vikings (2 Viking kings with tall swords, 2 Vikings equipped with knives, and lastly, 2 Vikings with poles) that can be used on the deck of the ship. They are also built upside down, so the can connect to the the deck of the ship  

Uniquely, I designed the ship with all of the blocks being upside down from how you would typically see them. The reason being that the pieces selected to use for the hull of the ship could only be used in an upside down fashion. The ship is built for play, or could be used as a display piece.

Thank for your consideration, and I would appreciate your support for the project!

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