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Vampire Bat


My Vampire Bat is a follow up creature to my Werewolf because you got to have Vampires when you have Werewolves. With a 20 inch wing span this blood sucking beast will be the highlight of your nightmares in Transylvania. This was a fun build with all the bending joints for the wings, back legs and big ears for echolocation. But don't forget the big blood sucking teeth; it would be an interesting battle between my two creatures.

My Vampire Bat uses 170 LEGO brick with many angle elements and ball joints mostly black with white teeth and red eyes. I enjoyed this build as it has wings and being that I have been in the aviation industry for the last 25 years wings have been a big part of my life and of my other LEGO builds.

Thanks for your support and please check out my other Projects Werewolf and Human Powered Helicopter.

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