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Hong Kong International Finance Centre


This is my LEGO International Finance Centre. This building complex is a unique Hong Kong landmark that people all around the architecture community will recognize. It is also, personally, one of my favorite buildings. This model features the IFC mall, One International Finance Centre, and Two International Finance Centre

I built this model mainly using multiple photographs of the complex from different angles. I also used programs such as Google Earth to get the shape of the footprint and to get street level and bird's eye details as exact as I could. I also explored many unique building techniques to implement small details to the structure, such as the diagonal front windows and the narrow side windows on the back of the structure. 

The whole model ended up being about 17.5 x 24 cm in base length, and about 29.5 cm at its maximum height. The model is also built completely out of existing pieces. 

I hope to get this project up to 10,000 supporters so one of Hong Kong's most famous landmarks could be featured in a future lego set. If you like my design please hit the support button. 

Thanks for reading!

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