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NASA Delta II Rocket: Mission to Mars!


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The real-life rocket
With its first launch all the way back in 1989, the Delta II has proven itself to be a reliable workhorse for the NASA. By the time it retired in 2018, It had earned a streak of 100 successful launches in a row including the famous Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) Spirit and Opportunity. Some other notable payloads to have flown to the Red Planet on a Delta II include Mars Pathfinder, 2001 Mars Odessey, Mars Climate Orbiter, and the Phoenix lander.

The Models
Originally inspired by the original 7469 Discovery: Mission to Mars set in which I have fond memories of playing with as a kid, and as well as a desire to have an updated version of the Delta II.  This submission includes two main models: The Delta II rocket and Launchpad. I have tried to fit as much detail into each model as possible.
  • The rocket can be accurately staged with a removable second stage and cargo faring with a micro two-piece Opportunity rover all packed up and ready for its trip to Mars (see photos for the complete exploded view of the rocket).
  • Both models are both built in 1:110 scale, meaning that it fits with the 21309 LEGO® NASA Apollo Saturn V set.
  • The launchpad has moveable service arms and functions as a display stand for the rocket
  • Even though it is configured for the launch of MER-B Opportunity, It wouldn't be hard to include some stickers to change it to the launch of MER-A Spirit too!
  • Contains 557 pcs total with the rocket alone measuring about 12 in (30 cm) high.
Additional photos can be found on my Flickr as well!

These make a great kit for any space enthusiast regardless of age and would be a welcome addition in any lego rocket collection as they are to scale with already existing models!

Thanks for looking at my project! All support is greatly appreciated and be sure to share and spread the word!   

Can't wait until this to hits 10k to build it? Instructions for both rocket and launchpad models are free to download on my rebrickable page!

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