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The Secret Garden


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Imagine living in the big city - every day is full of hustle and bustle, whether you're running to the Brick Bank, or heading through Assembly Square to get to the dentist. Wouldn't you like your own little Green garden, cut off from the rest of the world, that no-one else knows about?
Well, with the Secret Garden, you can have just that. Hidden behind high walls and imposing iron gates, it's a true slice of heaven :) The Garden is full of wildlife, from frogs, to Parrots (wonder where they escaped from?!) and even a friendly Owl. 
At the far end is a unique fountain, filled to the brim with ice cold, clear blue water (multiple loose Lego plates).
The other centerpiece is the Old Oak tree, standing tall and proud.
This set is fully modular, and will slot in anywhere you have a spare 16x32 space in your Modular City.

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