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Evil Robot Squad

These unscrupulous robots roam the galaxy renting their services as mercenaries to anyone willing to pay them. They like to hit hard and play dirty, and they are not very subtle.
Law enforcement monitors them closely for calling themselves “Evil,” but they insist that they only do it because "they like the sound of it".

Group members (from left to right in second image):
  • B-Buster: There is no prey capable of escaping the sensors of B-Buster, who considers himself the ultimate hunter. During battles he often offers his enemies to turn around while he counts to three so they can hide.
  • B-Bomber: This flying robot can't control his passion for throwing exploding things from the heights. Some call him a maniac for laughing while doing it, but he always responds: “Hey: I'm a cheerful guy.”
  • B-Brain: This strategist is always making devious plans with his brilliant (literally) electronic brain. He's actually a pretty decent guy, but he likes to look mean and dangerous to compensate for his short complex.
  • B-Boss: The leader of the group comes from a rich robotic mafia family. In combat he often tries to get his enemies to surrender by making them offers they can't refuse, such as “excellent discounts on hotels.”
  • B-Burner: Although it looks rough, this robot is passionate about chemistry. Specifically, the processes related to combustion. Unfortunately for him, no one wants to be involved in his experiments.

About the design:
This new proposal for a set starring by robots offers an alternative to Blacktron as “the space bad guys” (although, as a nod, its members wear the same colors and have the “B” in their name). Whether as antagonists or protagonists, these robots are prepared to fight in a tough and confusing way!
I'll make you an offer you can´t… Oh, I see you're busy rolling to put out that fire. Maybe another time.

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