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Medieval House

The Idea
What is happening in the everyday life of the residents during the medieval times? 
Growing up, the castle theme was one of my absolute favorites but in a world of Kings, Knights, Dragons and Outlaws, I always missed the Civilians for the heroes to rescue. What did their life look like? What did they work as? How did the Knights help them? With this set and your imagination let’s find out!
This MOC is my way of paying homage to the castle theme which brought me years of fun play, imagination and happiness. 

The Story
Ever wondered who painted all those horrible animals we see in memes today? 
Meet "The Painter", a famous renaissance painter beloved for his animal paintings, which several hundred years later have turned into a meme phenomenon. He lives on the second floor of this lovely building where he spends all his days painting (mostly cats).

But with all that fame comes envy. Meet "The Thief", a troubled villager who really loves "The Painter’s" art, but can’t afford it. Will the local peacekeepers, the Dragon Knights, be able to stop him from stealing the art? Or will they spend their day in the local tavern, on the first floor with the in-keeper "Mr. Grumpy"?

What is really happening in the attic? At night there are weird noises from up there, but it was several years ago now that the staircase broke and turned into firewood. Since then, no one has seen the attic resident "The Skipper". But according to local rumors, a glowing light have been seen through an opening in the door late at night.

The Build
Inspired by The Blacksmith, based upon the medieval building "Gottvaldska Huset" in Visby, Sweden.

1st Floor: A medieval inn with bar counter, fireplace, sofa, barrels, coat hanger etc.
2nd Floor: The home of "The Painter", bed, bedside table, easel, bookshelf, fireplace etc.
3rd Floor: The attic, home of "The Skipper", bed, table, stool, fireplace, barrels and chests.

Pieces: 2965
Minifigures: 7
Animals: 1 cat, 1 seagull and 1 pig.

This is my first MOC after over 20 years of my Dark Ages, it took about a week to build in total, and it is my first project ever created in a virtual design tool for LEGO.

All support, comments, shares and feedback is welcome! Please let me know what you think. :)
Thank you! 


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