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QUS Firefly


This project consists of: a model of the QUS Firefly; a model of it's cockpit; and a display stand for the ship.

The QUS Firefly, short for the Queen of the Universe's Spaceship Firefly, is a one-person ship in the QUSS, the Queen of the Universe's Space Service. The ship's records list it as being given many different roles from exploring giant space clouds, to transporting supplies, but it's most common task is capturing one of many space villains most often of which being Lumas. The ship is never 'launched' on missions and is usually left floating in space when not in use. The ship's pilot, Captain Delta, is teleported on and off the ship by a teleporter hidden on her home planet of Earth. The ship itself has no rooms other than a cockpit and lacks a teleporter even though the QUSS has invented very small teleporters including wearable ones. While the ship lacks a teleporter; it does have a high-precision laser cannon and can reach speeds just under the speed of light.

This Lego model of the ship does not have moving parts but the connection between it and the display stand creates a hinge allowing the ship to be posed. The cockpit is a small, white cuboid. The display stand has a large tile with details of the ship on. The display stand, cockpit and mini-figure are optional and may not be included if this project does manage 10,000 supporters.

I decided to create this set because I had thought up stories about the ship and wanted to see what it'd look like in Lego. The QUS Firefly is the second QUSS ship I thought up after the much larger QUS Geography which appeared in some PowerPoints I did. I have not built the QUS Geography and probably never will since I never bothered working out what it looked like. I think this would make a good set because it encourages kids to imagine space adventures as much as any other Lego Spacecraft but being a standalone ship, doesn't lean towards a particular mission.

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