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Coco: Crossing the Marigold Bridge


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This set is inspired by the Disney Pixar movie Coco, where Miguel Rivera walks across the Marigold Bridge into the Land of the Dead. Included in this set is Miguel, his street dog Dante, his great-grandmother Coco, Hector who he befriends along the way and his favorite musician Ernesto de la Cruz.

Coco is one of my favorite animated films and I thought it would be a fun challenge to build the Marigold Bridge out of LEGO. Then I felt compelled to expand the build by including Ernesto’s mausoleum with its unique architectural design, and the colorful housing and lights of the Land of the Dead - though the housing itself I didn't think served as sufficient representation of the land so I considered including Ernesto’s fiesta but ultimately went with the talent show as it was more significant to Miguel.

I believe this set would look great in the home or office of any fan of Coco, Disney or Pixar. It was as much fun to design and build as I think it would be to play with or put on display.

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