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For all fan of LEGO UNIVERSE videogame i present you the AVANT GARDEN LAUNCHPAD, one of the most famous launchpad in the video game. In this set there are a tools, 3 minifigures and a roket with launchpad. There is a assembly rocket. There is a screen for destination (Nimbus Station infact the Launchpad is inspired by the Launchpad Avant Garden- Nimbus Station.

There are some tools. A blue sentinel sword, a sentinel shield, Sky Lane's Helmet, Night vision glasses, assembly weapon with cristal and one piece of immaginite

Sky Lane with Venture League helmet and Beta suit.
She have a special hair orange and black. She is a NPCs

Brick Brickenstain (Player) is an Assembly Inventor.

Bullet Mullet is a Sentinel Faction guard. It was a guard (NPCs)

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