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The Goonies 30th Anniversary - Fratelli Jail Break

The Goonies is one of the most iconic movies of the 1980’s. It gave us adventure, pirates, mobsters, the loveable Sloth and of course, the Truffle Shuffle! It was an action packed movie told through the eyes of children.

Even now, The Goonies is very much represented in modern popular culture. T-Shirts, Badges and other apparel are all available everywhere and as a franchise it is still very popular, especially to those who were young when it came out, as it is a movie very close to a lot of people's hearts.

In 2015, the Goonies will be 30 years old, so what better time than now to start a Cuusoo campaign to reignite Lego’s interest in this franchise in time for the celebration? With the success of the Back to the Future set, and Ghostbusters in review with Cuusoo, there's definately enough interest in retro movies from the 80's to warrent this.

My campaign offers up all our favourite characters in Mini-Figure form, and the different projects work as interconnecting sets, which will help kids (and adults) to re-enact the story from start to finish. So please check my other projects out too.

"Fratelli Jail Break" Is based on the opening sequence of 'The Goonies'. Where, bad guy Jake Fratelli breaks out from his cell in Astoria and speeds off with his brother Francis, and Mama Fratelli who are waiting for him outside in their Cherokee ROV.

No getaway would be complete without the getaway car! And here is the car they use in the movie. A Cherokee ROV. I've matched the vehicle as best as I can while also complying to basic minifigure dimensions. You can get all 3 Fratelli's in the car, and the roof of the vehicle is designed to be detatchable for easy access.

For the jail itself I've completely recreated the front of the building, which was an actual police station in real life in Astoria, Oregon. (It's now a museum) I paid a lot of attention to the detailing of the front. The columns and roof are ornate and give the build a nice archetectural quality.

I believe all sets should have some playability. So I have designed the Jail cell where Francis escapes from, as well as the Sheriff's office, which we see later in the movie when Chunk calls the police.

"Chunk: Hello, sheriff. I'm at the Lighthouse Lounge, and I want to report, well, a murder.
Sheriff: Wait a minute, wait a minute, just hold on here. Is that you again, Lawrence?
Chunk: Sheriff, look, this time I'm telling you the truth. I'm locked inside the Fratellis' basement with this guy.
Sheriff: Just like that last prank about all those little creatures that multiply when you throw water on them?"

As well as the two main rooms, there is the entrance area, which feature pot plants and a clock, and 2 upper areas that can be utilised for play or display.

Above we see the two main rooms in the Jail in closeup. The Sheriff's office has wanted posters, a desk, telephone, cup, typewriter, paperwork, chair, jail key, filing cabinet and pot plant.
The jail cell itself has a bed, sink and also a bit of pipework that connects to the bars of the window. Everyone who has seen the film will recognise it's significance for Jake escaping!

The set also comes with a line of fire that Francis Fratelli starts outside the Jail to aid their escape. You can see this in the header page image.

Below we have the minifigure concepts. The three Fratelli's plus a police officer (which is just a version of the Police officer from the series 9 blind packs).

I would have prefered Mama Fratelli to have had a beret and my original design did have one, but due to the 'no new molds' policy she'll just have to sport exisiting lego hair.

In regards to Lego’s brand standards,The Goonies very much fits into the ethics that Lego believe in. It’s fun, exciting and offers many possibilities for expansion. It is also very reminiscent of other existing Lego licensed products such as Indiana Jones and Harry Potter, and just like everyone’s favourite wizard. Everything is centred on children as the main protagonists. It also has the added appeal of being a nostalgic setpiece that the older collectors of Lego will cherish.

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