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Honey Bee

This build used every piece of yellow that I had in my collection. It was a lot of fun to make and using my imagination to bring about an animal, while being limited to just two colours, was a great challenge. The large number of jointed pieces allowed for so much 'flexibility' it was fantastic fun.

I have made the head able to tilt up and down, the legs are able to move left and right as well as the joints being able to move up and down. The antenna can be moved as well which I believe adds character to the overall build. The eyes are also able to be tilted up and down. I have made sure to segment the body so that this bee won't be mistaken for a wasp! To complete the stinger I was lucky enough to have a uni kitty horn in the right colour!

Honey bees have recently been declared as 'the most important being on earth'. With this in mind I have created a honey bee so that people may create their own honey bee and hopefully be reminded of the importance of the humble bee.

I hope you enjoy!

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