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Castle Dragon

Castle dragon which can change both castle and dragon.
- A talented wizard casts a spell on a dragon bone.
- As a result, a dragon can transform into two modes, flight mode and castle mode.
- Dragon wings can also turn into a castle wall.

Realize the details of the castle and the dragon at the same time!
- I made the dragon's head as if it were wearing a helmet.
- I add a window in dragon wings so that people can remind of a castle.
- A watchtower is attached to the dragon's wing, so skeleton soldiers can stand guard.
- A castle tower is attached to the dragon's shoulder.
- There is a small room in the body where the wizard lives. Small rooms can move up and down according to flight mode and castle mode.
- A crossbow is attached to the leg. It is for shooting enemies.
- There is a tail looks like mace at tip of the tail. This is for swing to attack nearby enemies.

Castle theme for AFOLs, and joy of transformation for children.
- As you know, This theme is Castle that many AFOL likes it.
- This work is suitable for children who like transformation and dinosaurs.
- There is only one human minifigure and 4 skeleton minifigures.
- The human minifigure's motif is a wizard in an old castle.
- This is composed of 557 brick parts.

I will continue to update, so please pay attention.

Thanks for viewing my work.
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Thank you.

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