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The Outer Encounter

Release your inner astronaut, and negotiate everlasting peace in the galaxy.

Take remote control of the Astro Carriage and transport your passengers in luxurious five-star comfort across the mysterious landscapes of other worlds.     
Encounter a classic flying saucer with minifigure aliens, who are awaiting your insight into life on Earth!

Feeling confident?  Step it up a level, and hammer out an intergalactic treaty.  The big boss aliens of the Outer Encounter are ready to test your skills!

Surface Run
  • The Astro Carriage is fully motorised with remote control functions.
  • Tracked wheels provide stability over all types of terrain, and responsive control in all directions.
  • The Astro Carriage has been brick built and thoroughly tested to perform across challenging environments.
  • Powerful headlights confidently brighten mysterious alien landscapes.
  • Switch to cabin night vision using the special red light brick.
  • Delight in superb visibility through sweeping panoramic windows.
  • All the Technic elements and motors are fully encased within the elegant coachwork.
  • The Flying Saucer seats four passengers, and an alien pilot.  Both the main ramp, and cockpit dome are hinged for easy access.  
  • Engage the saucer's Red Illumination Mode for an enhanced extraterrestrial presence!
  • Includes six minifigure Astronauts, and four Aliens.  Not forgetting the two brick built boss aliens!
  • Enjoy the classic retro styling evocative of the golden age of space travel.
The Outer Encounter would make a great LEGO set.  It is fun to build, and includes some Technic experience.  The remote controlled Astro Carriage is a source of endless enjoyment.  Challenge your driving skills across alien landscapes!  Discover the Retro Saucer, and start negotiating peace with the extraterrestrials.  Above all, the Outer Encounter looks great on display.  Though with so much playability, it will never collect any moon dust!

If you too are inspired by everlasting fellowship in outer space, please support the Outer Encounter!

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