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The Dragon's Den


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This is the den of a mighty mother dragon. She is raising her baby dragons in an abandoned dwarven fortress high up in the mountains.

If you have a knight in shining armor, the dragon can roast him! (to protect the baby dragons)

If you have a rich pirate, the dragon can add his treasure to her hoard! (to make the baby dragons happy)

This set would be a great way to get treasure! It would make some weapons easier to acquire and it would be an affordable option for any fan who needs a dragon. In multiples, it could be used to build a dwarven fortress or crystal cavern. It contains about 400 pieces.

This is my first project.

Support to help feed hungry little dragonets!


I'm thinking that Lego can replace the mother dragon with a fantasy era dragon, and the red steaks with printed ones from the series 6 butcher minifigure.

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