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Surf Shop

Welcome to the Surf Shop!
Here you can chill out, relax by the beach and get your surfing equipment! This build is inspired by Southern California's beautiful beach atmosphere and specifically Newport Beach. The exterior of this building consists of a 3D surfing mosaic, plant vines, and other decorative elements. Another important part of this build is the minifigure scale truck, useful for transporting beach items to and from the beach.

First Level:
On the first level of this build you will find all your surfing/beach necessities such as wetsuits, surfboard fins and sunglasses.

Second Level:
The second level of this build consists of a small apartment accessed by a side door and staircase leading down the back of the building. In this apartment, you'll find a sofa and TV for watching the latest surf news, scuba gear and other beach-themed items.

Third Level/Balcony
Going up the stairs from the second level leads to a rooftop balcony, complete with a table set, umbrella and a grill. A small bathroom is accessible through the door on the balcony as well.

Building this model, I tried to envision the many times I've visited Southern California's beaches, and tried my best to recreate the relaxing yet exciting feeling you get when walking down the streets. I built this model because I want others to get a glimpse of the beach/surfing life, and that's why I think this creation would make a great LEGO set. I also think it would make a great set because LEGO has not yet made a surf themed modular building set and I think that fans of surfing and the beach, like myself, would absolutely love to own it!
Please share this with your friends if you would also like to see my model become a LEGO set!

Piece count: 1881