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Mini Elemental Dragons ⚡️❄️🔥☄️


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The video below was edited using iMovie and I used the Weekend Whip (Ninjago Official Theme Song) as the soundtrack for the video. The included 8 second long 360 clip of the all 6 Dragons constructing with a falling brick effect, is thanks to brick link Studio! 

What is it:
These are mini versions of the four original Elemental dragons as well as the Ultra Dragon and Golden Dragon as seen in the   Ninjago tv show. These intricately detailed Mini's are perfect for playing and displaying, are highly posable thanks to and assortment of mixes joints and hinges. 

Why I built it:
I originally built the fire and ice dragons for an activity some time ago, and then made the earth and lightning dragons for a competition. After seeing the positive response people had I decided to submit them as a product idea so that others could have a chance to get them as a set.

I built the Ultra and Golden Dragon upon the request of a fellow Ideas member.

Why I believe this would make a great Lego set: 
The dragons intricate details, extreme possibility, fantastic color schemes, affordability and playability would make them a fantastic set I believe people of all ages would enjoy!

    Each mini is constructed to accurately reflect the different physiques of the Dragons. 

The Lightning Dragon is the second largest and has a body which is made up of three sections connected by mixles joints and has four legs. 
The Ice Dragon is the smallest and has a single body section and two legs. 
The Fire Dragon also has a single section body and two legs.
The Earth Dragon has a two section body, also connected by mixles joints and four legs.
The Golden Dragon had a two section body as well as a long jointed tail.
The Ultra Dragon is by far the largest and its four heads make it stand out from the rest, it truly is the Ultra Dragon!

Lighting Dragon 92 pieces
Ice Dragon 61 pieces 
Fire Dragon 76 pieces 
Earth Dragon 86 pieces 
Golden Dragon 79 pieces 
Ultra Dragon 181 pieces

Total of 575 pieces 

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