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Modular Museum


Introducing my latest project, the Modular Museum

The museum has three floors, which have their own type of displays.

The first floor is dedicated to Natural History. The exhibits are; A replica human skeleton, A replica dinosaur skeleton, A model of a baby dinosaur, A model of a shark, A model of a sting-ray, and a model of a monkey. All exhibits have signs that hold the information. 2x2 tiles with computer screen printing has been used, but I would like to have tiles with actual information printed on them. Also on the ground floor are a toilet, the curators office, and an emergency escape door at the foot of the stairs.

The second floor is dedicated to Ancient and Medieval History. There are two models (a pirate and a knight) along with an Ancient Egyptian statue of Anubis. By the stairs there is a display cabinet with a piece of parchment from Ancient Rome. There is also a large display case which contains a selection of replica old weapons. Three swords, two daggers and one axe are on display.

The third and final floor is dedicated to Modern History. The displays on this floor include a model of an Astronaut, a miniature space shuttle, with launch rockets, a display containing two replica guns, and an old style Lego Car. The car was one of the reasons that I built this set.

The roof is accessible through an opening sky light, and has a low parapet which has a secret hiding place built into it. There are flags, which will likely contain a logo for the museum.

Outside the museum is an Ice-cream cart, and a sculpture. The sculpture is 'Rent Asunder', made by my brother "Lefthandednot", and used with his permission.

There are six minifigures with this set. The role that I have given each of them can be seen in their picture. The only one without a classic smiley face (which are used in all modular buildings)  is my mascot, Veteran Police Officer Frederick "Gotcha" Williams. An alternative smiley face can be found in the astronaut model.

The set is made of 2772 bricks.

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