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Gandalf’s Glamdring Sword – UCS – Lord of The Rings


Lord of The Rings fans, this is the project you have been looking for! A life size LEGO version of the sword that Gandalf the wizard is seen using in the Lord of the Rings series. For all of you Lord Of The Rings fans who just wish that your favourite theme would be given the Ultimate Collectors Series treatment like that Star Wars line, here is your chance to kick start the possibility of future Ultimate Collectors sets made by LEGO.

This sword is very detailed; it has designed to mimic as many aspects of the real sword as possible. The curves at the bottom of the hilt are achieved by using a very complicated array of pieces and even the cross guard has employed a creative use of parts to achieve an accurate appearance to that of the sword in the movies. The set would include a display stand so that you can show off this masterpiece to your friends and it could come with a plaque just like the Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series sets. The sword consists of a reasonable 587 bricks, this is a factor that would further increase the chances of this becoming an actual LEGO set because it very detailed, life-size, has great collectability and you get all of these great factors with a minimal amount of pieces.


Each member can only vote once. If you want this set to become reality and for Lego to work its magic and make it even better, make sure that you spread the word however you can. You could do it by social networking or by telling your Lego loving friends. It will bring us one step closer to having an amazing and desirable set for both children and adults who love Lego.

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