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Upin & Ipin's house - traditional tropical village house


Presenting a LEGO version of Upin & Ipin's house. I created this set to be both playable and displayable. 

It is packed with play features which enables you to relive your favourite moments from the Upin & Ipin animated series and film. Here are 5 highlighted play areas:

  1. The first play area is at the front of the house, where there is a facade of a traditional tropical village house and an entrance balcony, along with a garden compound and an opening and closing window frame.
  2. Turn the house around and the second play area is at the back of the house which features the kitchen and dining table, complete with Ipin's favourite food. You can also become a chef and cook at the stove and sink area here.
  3. Detach the removable roofs to access the third play area - the living room. Listen to Upin and Ipin's grandmother or "Opah" share her wisdom and wise sayings. Or recreate your favourite scenes with LEGO!
  4. You can also split the house into two, and create additional play areas. The front half can be used as a smaller living room area.
  5. The back half can be used as Upin and Ipin's bedroom. Their bed and toybox filled with various toys are included and you can use your imagination to recreate Opah or Kak Ros's bedroom. Upin and Ipin's room can also serve as the base for the adventures in their imagination, as you can integrate other LEGO sets together and create your own adventures. For example Upin & Ipin becoming firefighters, space police, detectives, sportsperson etc.!

This set design contains 781 pieces and 4 minifigures. The minifigures are of Upin, Ipin, Kak Ros and Opah. Other cool LEGO pieces include Rembo the rooster, Apin the kitten, binoculars, teddy bear, 2 badminton racquets and a trophy.


If you haven't heard of Upin & Ipin before, it is a famous animation show from Malaysia, and is also popular in Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and other Asian countries. They have also been named UNICEF Malaysia's national ambassadors for children.


More info on Upin & Ipin at their company website:


I also hope you can appreciate this set as a wonderful LEGO version of an archetypal traditional tropical village house. Countries located in the tropical region have similar traditional house designs, for example in South East Asia and to a certain extent in Central Latin America.

The set can also integrate well with the modular buildings as it sits on a 32x32 baseplate area.


In conclusion, I hope you will support this set and I hope LEGO will approve and produce this set if it can get 10,000 supporters. Thank you and keep on building!

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