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Brickton Water Tower

Welcome to Brickton! Home of the Minifigures.

The iconic Brickton water tower overlooks the town of Brickton and is a local landmark to all who live there. At the top of a hill, it’s visible for miles around and is a favorite lookout for town kids. At least it was until the over-romantic Zach decided to proclaim his undying love for his girlfriend (of three weeks) Amanda for all to see! Unfortunately for Zach, Police Chief Brickson happened to startle him just as he was finishing the heart-framed initials causing him to tumble into the tree below.

About this build:
Inspiration for this build has come in many different ways. From scenes on TV shows to my children’s never ending questions with every water tower they see. No LEGO City will be complete without it, or it will make a great stand-alone display piece. 

3 Minifigures 
Pieces: 1506
Height: 11in or 27.8 cm
Length: 12.2in or 31 cm
Width: 10.1in or 25.8 cm

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my project and I hope you like it enough to support and share it!

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