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Batman and Joker: Fight at the Funhouse


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"Batman has his cave, but where does the Joker live?"  5 year olds ask the best questions.  We picked up a bunch of purple legos at the Lego store Pick-A-Brick and I'd been looking to use them.  I have to admit that I borrowed some of the ideas from Baronsat's excellent Joker's Funhouse.  The large Joker face in particular is very similar though you can push the nose on ours and it plays the 1966 Batman Theme song followed by the Joker's laugh.

In our Lego town the Batcave and Joker's Funhouse are across from each other and both get heavy use.  
A couple of the features.
  • Push Button Nose: Push the brick built Joker's nose and the 1966 Batman theme song plays.  I buried a small sound chip up under the main platform.
  • Helicopter: I built a small Joker helicopter that takes off from the landing pad.  
  • Slide:  The slide, borrowed from the Friends pool, goes down into the pool of chemicals that originally created Joker.
  • Prison Cell:  Their is a holding cell under the platform.  Robin spends a lot of time here.
I built this a couple months ago and included one picture of its current state.  Its been well played with.  

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