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Ariel's Treasure Trove -Have a look!


Ariel's Treasure Trove 

This set is inspired by my favourite Disney scene 'Ariel's Treasure Trove'. Ariel collects treasures from the unknown surface above; her most cherished possession being the statue of Prince Eric which fell to the ocean floor after a shipwreck. This scene also holds one of Disney's iconic songs 'Part of Your World'. 

In this set, I have focused on the outside being closed off and rock like using only grey Lego bricks. Once opened on it's hinges it reveals all of Ariel's colourful objects of the world above her. Ariel also appears with her striking red hair. I believe this gives the feel of magic within the 'Treasure Trove'. The main feature of the set is Prince Eric's statue which I believe is the centre piece and heart of this particular set. 

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