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Jeep Weekend


Camping and off-road adventure is what this set is all about. 

It has everything you need to have an enjoyable and safe weekend away. Camping quarters and gear, hi-lift jack, winch, spare tools, tires, & parts, extra fuel, and a cooler. Each Jeep has full suspension and a fold down windshield.

I made this set because 4-wheeling has always been a great weekend get-a-way. One tow rig with camper and decked out trailer & Jeep and one Jeep that carries his own gear along in his off-road trailer. You should never go 4-wheeling alone after all.

The camper has a bed, kitchen, chain saw & shovel, lantern, and a functional slide out to provide more room. The trailer has a hi-lift jack, a winch in case they break down, a tool box, and spare tires. 

The black Jeep hauls his own gear; backpack on the over the spare tire rack, gas can, cooler, tools, and camping equipment in the trailer.

I like the scale of the older sets as well, I made this to match the smaller vehicle model size.

Enjoy the off-road adventure as you spend the weekend away, camping and enjoying friends.

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