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"Make your life a little bit more LEGO" - LEGO Life 2.0 Series
Imagine when you prepared some cute flowers and a gift that your beloved ones wanted a long time ago on their birthday. And when they walk in and see this beautiful picture. How happy would they be!

“讓你的生活多增加一點樂高元素吧!” - LEGO Life 2.0 Series

With this "the PLATE" set. You can do the below.
Scenario 1: A LEGO name plate shows your LEGO-fan's true color
Scenario 2: Deco your house with this set, send this as a gift.
Scenario 3: Collection name plate makes your LEGO collection even cooler!
Scenario 4: Make cool door signs in your house!

用這個"the PLATE"樂高組,你可以做到以下喔~

For LEGO company, I think this project is somehow similar to Mosaic series, yet very different. I called it "Life 2.0 series" because I want to make everyone create a new life with LEGO around. The second project might be a photo frame called "the FRAME" if LEGO and LEGO-fans appreciate this "the PLATE" idea. Then I will keep creating new projects.

對於樂高公司,這個系列是有點像Mosaic系列,但是卻又很不同,我稱之為“Life 2.0 series"就是因為我希望每個人在家中可以多增加一點樂高元素,一定會很有趣! 第二個專案我會做一個相框,名字就叫“the FRAME",當然啦,要樂高公司跟大家都喜歡我這個“the PLATE"專案,我就會繼續做下去~

If LEGO thinks there are too many new moulds of the "7x width, 2x thick plate" would cause too much cost, I can change to 8x and keep a deco zone in the below.
如果這個組合得要做太多新的零件不敷成本,我可以將7x的零件改成8x~ 下面增加裝飾區~

For LEGO-fans, I believe it is not a question whether you would buy this set or not. The question would be how many colors and how many sets you would buy.

And for non-LEGO-fans, they might receive a gift card saying " HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U". And become a LEGO-fan because of this. This should be good for LEGO to penetrate and get new market of casual-play-consumers.

對於非樂高粉絲,當他們收到“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U"這個禮物,或許有機會成為樂高愛好者,對於樂高公司來說也是個市場滲透的好方法,可以增加ㄧ些輕度使用者喔!

Thank you all for your time. My creativity is on the whole "Life 2.0" concept, 2x-thick-base-plate/connector itself and also the whole combination of bricks/plates. Please support me and make this wonderful set come to live!

謝謝大家花了時間看我這個專案,我的創意是針對整個"Life 2.0"概念,兩倍厚的底板還有連接器,還有整個積木跟底板的組合搭配,拜託大家多多支持並讓這個很棒的樂高組可以順利上市!


This model "the PLATE" is no rocket science and I know it doesn't look like an ordinary LEGO set, but deep inside every LEGO-fan's heart, they must have craved for this long long time ago.

The main specification and selling points are:
1. 219 bricks up to 7 x 64 = 448 blocks (154 color word and 294 background)
2. Suggested to use under 7 x 64 plate as the base, but up to 7 x 99 is possible
3. Plates 2 x thicker than standard

Why I created this project? (LEGO-fan's long-time-pain-in-the-butt)
Being a LEGO-fan for more than 30 years (I am 35 now). I love to create LEGO environment in my house, and built some name plates. But I got 2 big issues:
1. I don't have enough plates with width of x7. Why x7 plates? Cause creating a good-looking English character usually takes width of x5. And leaving space on top and bottom, I need another 2. But LEGO only have x6 and x8 at this range. Also, I simply don't have enough plates at all although I got a lot of LEGO sets. And another issue of plates is, if you connect too many plates, it will bend. So we need 2x thicker plates.
2. I don't have enough 1x1 brick. Although Mosaic series somehow solved this issue, but they come in all different colors. It is hard to make beautiful words.

Bellow you can see the original model of "the PLATE". It took me some time to test out the ideal plate size and brick number. And because I already minimized the bricks and plates in one set. I believe the price would be quite affordable to everyone. That's why I created 4 color sets with the classic 10 colors for consumers to purchase.

Just in case the consumer don't have a clue on how to "write with LEGO" I would like to put the below table in the menu to help them play. I tried to put 5x1/2, 5x3, 5x4, 5x5 for every character. And if I can't, I left it in blank.

As for the contents, I did some precise calculation and here's the optimized combination.

For the bricks.
1x1 blue 20 pcs, red 20 pcs, white 78 pcs
1x2 blue 5 pcs, red 5 pcs, white 16 pcs
1x3 blue 5 pcs, red 5 pcs, white 20 pcs
1x4 blue 8 pcs, red 8 pcs, white 25 pcs
Some white 2x4 and 2x2.
The black 2x4 is to make the plate stand.
Angular brick and 1x2 plate is for consumers to place LEGO mini figures beside your name.

For the plates.
I name the 5x2 plate as the connector. They are to combine the base plates as you can see also in the below picture. The base plates are 2x thicker than standard and leave the side 1x thick to connect to one another.
In the below, the plate is grey, but maybe white would be better.
So we have...
7x2 1 pcs, 7x3 1 pcs, 7x4 1 pcs, 7x6 3 pcs, 7x8 1 pcs, 7x16 4 pcs
With all these 7x width plates. You can build the below.
7x5 ~ 7x16 within 3 plates and 2 connectors
7x17 ~ 7x40 within 4 plates and 3 connectors
7x41 ~ 7x56 within 5 plates and 4 connectors
7x57 ~ 7x64 within 6 plates and 5 connectors
But if you use all the plates and connectors below. You can create a 7x99 base plate. 14x40, 21x22 also possible.
I also put the unit for consumers to hang "the PLATE" on the wall as you can see the below picture.

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