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A Summer Morning in France


A local villager pedals his bike down a bumpy cobblestone street. A baker comes out of his shop holding a freshly baked baguette. Birds chirp cheerfully and a cat meows; all is peaceful and calm on this sunny morning in France!

This build consists of four minifigures, four bird figures, and one cat figure. It is composed of three buildings connected to each other with detailed interiors, a waterfront with a bench and light post, and a cobblestone street. 

This Lego creation would be an awesome Lego set because it has a Lego modular expert type of feel to it, meaning that it looks both decorative and is playable as well. It is also set in France, and so contains a boulangerie (bakery) and a café. 

Hope that you like this build, and do not forget to support and comment if you would like to see this as a set! :)

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