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Modular Hospital

Welcome to the LEGO Modular Hospital! I've designed this with great enthusiasm using BrickLink Studio, investing numerous hours into its creation.

Having built several modulars myself, I felt there was something essential missing and thus embarked on crafting a magnificent hospital. With 26 years of experience in and out of hospitals, I found this addition lacking in my collection. Drawing inspiration from other modular buildings, I aimed to create a hospital in a similar style.

Upon entering the ground floor, you'll encounter a reception area with two waiting benches. To the right, there's a room for physiotherapy, while to the left, a space where the doctor conducts consultations and minor examinations behind the scenes. Moving up to the first floor, I've included an operating room, a small waiting area, a recovery room for post-treatment care, and restroom facilities. On the second floor, you'll find another waiting area with a table and a crate of newspapers, a laboratory for research, and an MRI scanner capable of accommodating a LEGO minifigure. Finally, atop the building, there's a helipad and an air conditioning unit.

The set comes with five minifigures, including three medical personnel and two hospital visitors.
Baseplate 32x48 studs.
2853 pieces.

I acknowledge that it's not yet perfect, but there's always room for improvement, especially with enough votes and the opportunity to collaborate with LEGO to turn it into an official set.

If you like it, please vote, and feedback is always appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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