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JetCar (Project ORANGE)

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Racing car (the size of a speed champion car) that transforms into a plane.

As a child I always likes to play with figures, they could do everything I could imagine.
So a car that actually transforms into a plane is kind of a childhood dream coming true!

I built it with my 13 years old son (HerzogMuntererLauch), who desperately wanted to share
a great idea on LEGO IDEAS, so thats what came out of this dreams...

This is a set to play with!
The size of a speed champion, but then the back can be flipped up, the back wheels turned
(they are the engines for the plane), and locked with the back.
The front wheels can also be flipped for aerodynamic reasons!
Then the wings are taken out, and the car takes off for the next island, what a joy!

Hope you would like to play with this new LEGO-set as much as we do!
Thanks for any voting and commentaries!

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